Lower Shabelle University (LSU)

Lower Shebelle University is a Regional and non-governmental Institution located in Merca District -Lower Shabelle-Somalia. It is a private higher education entity that aims to provide better opportunity and higher education services with reasonable cost for the young generation of Somali students who finished Secondary Schools.

Lower Shebelle University was founded in 2010 in the town of Marko, capital of Lower Shebelle Region in southern Somalia, to broadcast a message of thought and education, academic and prove its presence in that Region. University began her scientific career, with all its determination and insistence, thanks to God gained a good reputation, and special relations with their counterparts from scientific institutions in Somalia, building confidence and expertise, groping the needs of the community to become a beacon of creativity in various fields of science and knowledge.


Dedication, as evidenced by our strong work ethic and commitment to greatness

Impact is evidenced by our commitment to addressing significant societal issues at the local, national, and worldwide levels.

Collaboration may be seen in our multidisciplinary approach, emphasis on internal and external ties, and ability to build new fields of research.

Creativity can be seen in our openness to new ideas and artistic expression, intellectual curiosity, risk-taking attitude, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our commitment to improving human welfare and personal growth of community members demonstrates empathy and compassion.

Inclusion is exemplified by a culture and atmosphere that actively seeks out, accepts, and promotes great persons of all backgrounds.

Integrity is exhibited by our adherence to the greatest moral values in our personal and professional lives.


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